DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (WFLA/NBC) — A Florida man had a close call after a violent encounter with a bear when it tried to attack his dogs Wednesday.

Video taken from Walter Hickox’s Ring camera showed the man on patio with his three dachshunds when a black bear crawled over a pet gate, coming dangerously close to the dogs.

That’s when Walter lunged toward the bear, shoving it back out of his home as it clawed at him. Walter managed to trap the bear back outside using a fence.

“Oh my God! I got attacked by a bear,” Walter yelled after successfully repelling the ursine assailant.

According to NBC affiliate WESH, Walter suffered some puncture wounds and scratches but did not need an ambulance.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials said this was the second incident within a week, with a bear tackling a woman while she walked her dog on Jan. 13. However, these encounters are said to be rare.

The FWC said to avoid a violent confrontation with a bear, remove all food attractants from around your home, including pet food and bird seed.

To scare the bear away from your home, you can flip lights on and off and bang on your walls to frighten it off, officials said.

Should your dog get into a fight with a bear, the FWC said to use bear spray or a water hose while making loud noises to scare it away.