TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A Florida man was charged after he was caught on camera slashing 27 car tires in a Miami-Dade neighborhood, leaving neighbors stuck, according to NBC affiliate WTVJ.

Juan Pablo Ramos-Nieto, 41, showed up in court, where he was charged with 27 counts of criminal misdemeanor, for each of the tires slashed.

A court official in the video below is heard warning him that anything said could be used against him, but Ramos-Nieto continued to blurt out that he was dealing with “secret government influence” and was told to act like a security guard at an airport.

“I was exposed to secret government information. I’m dealing with a federal case, and I’m being sabotaged,” Ramos-Nieto said in court. “And I’m being sabotaged, too. I’m being demonized. I warned the CIA that. That if I’m not that if I continue being demonized more like a government building on fire that’s unoccupied.”

According to an arrest report obtained by WTVJ, he caused over $6,000 in damages after slashing the tires with a knife. The report said he is also dealing with mental health issues.

Surveillance footage shows Ramos-Nieto walking through a neighborhood with a knife and puncturing the tires.

The arrest report also mentioned one neighbor claimed it was the second time he slashed his tires.

The judge set Ramos-Nieto’s bond to $10,000.