An 88-year-old Florida man is facing charges, accused of setting a raccoon on fire.

Ezra James told WKMG he planned on killing the animal for eating his mangoes. He also said he wanted to prevent the animal from biting him and giving him rabies.

“88 years old, first time I ever have to go to jail,” James told WKMG after posting his $2,000 bond. “I never thought about killing nobody in my lifetime. No man, no woman, no kid.”

James says he threw some gasoline on the raccoon inside a metal trap in his front yard and lit a match. When a neighbor saw it, she called the police.

“She’s a wicked woman,” James said.

The 88-year-old told WKMG he didn’t realize authorities would have humanely euthanized the raccoon if he called them. An officer eventually responded to the scene and shot the animal to ends its suffering, according to police.

“I never would have believed he would have done that,” one neighbor told WKMG. “I sure hope he thinks about it because God don’t want us to do stuff like this.”