TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A Florida landlord is accused of locking his three tenants inside their garage apartment and threatening to kill them if they came out, WESH reports.

Lawrence Cohen, 66, allegedly got into a confrontation with three tenants who were living in a garage apartment attached to his home in Orange City. The report did not mention what led to the confrontation.

The only way out of the garage was through a door leading to his home. Deputies said Cohen blocked the door, armed himself with a weapon—which turned out to be a BB gun—and “threatened to kill or stick the victims if they stepped foot into the house.”

After being trapped in the space for about two hours, one of the tenants called 911 for help.

“He [Cohen] barricaded us in the garage but we opened the door somewhat, like the door going into the house, and he said if we go into the house to try and exit that way, he’s going to kill us,” the tenant told the dispatcher.

Deputies went to the home, but Cohen refused to let them in, so they had to kick in the door. They said the landlord put up a fight and had to be stunned by a Taser twice before he was detained.

Deputies say Cohen had previous encounters with law enforcement, and that they were called to the home earlier this week before he locked his tenants in the garage.

Following the latest incident, Cohen was arrested and charged with three counts of false imprisonment and resisting arrest. He is being held at a Volusia County Jail on a $16,000 bond.