TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office is releasing a new initiative to prevent children and pets from being left in hot cars.

Sheriff Wayne Ivey partnered with Florida’s Agriculture Commissioner, Wilton Simpson, to roll out the new Florida Agriculture Gas Pump Seal to stress the role pa[rents and caregivers play in preventing heatstroke fatalities.

Florida currently leads the nation in child vehicular heatstroke fatalities.

The new seal and public awareness campaign is part of the efforts to protect all Florida citizens.

Commissioner Simpson championed the initiative and created a constant reminder to never leave children and pets unattended in hot cars.

The seal is posted at more than 75,000 gas pumps throughout Florida.

Commissioner Simpson and Sheriff Ivey place the first seal on a gas pump in Brevard County on Aug. 13.

“My idea for the concept came one day while I was getting fuel at a local station and thought about the ability for Commissioner Simpson to consistently message the reminder through his certification seal on every gas pump in Florida!!,” Sheriff Ivey said in a Facebook post. “This initiative and effort is a constant reminder to everyone about the hazards of vehicular heatstroke fatalities and how one simple action can save lives!!”

The first sticker was placed in Brevard County on Sunday.