TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Florida’s gas prices have continued to edge higher, rising 12 cents per gallon over the past week, AAA reports.

According to AAA, prices have shot up as much as 29 cents per gallon since the state’s gas tax holiday, which gave drivers a 25-cent discount at the pump, ended on Nov. 1.

On Sunday, the average cost of gas was $3.56 per gallon, down only two cents from Thursday, when the average price was $3.58 per gallon, the highest daily average price since Sept. 1.

Sunday’s average price was 12 cents higher than what it was last Monday, when average cost of gas was $3.46 per gallon.

“It appears that Florida gas prices have now fully adjusted to a recent oil price hike and the reinstatement of the state’s gas tax,” AAA spokesman Mark Jenkins said. “Oil and wholesale gasoline prices took a step back last week, which should cause gas prices to plateau.”

On Sunday, the most expensive metro markets in Florida were West Palm Beach-Boca Raton ($3.70), Gainesville ($3.62) and Homosassa Springs ($3.60). The least expensive were Crestview-Fort Walton Beach ($3.27), Pensacola ($3.32) and Panama City ($3.33).

As of this writing, the average price of gas in Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater is $3.578 per gallon. In Bradenton-Sarasota-Venice, it’s $3.555 per gallon. In Lakeland-Winter Haven, it is $3.579. The average gas price in Sebring is $3.575.