MIAMI (WFLA) — A Florida firefighter lost his job after speaking badly of police officers following the death of a Miami-Dade detective, according to Miami Fire Rescue.

NBC affiliate WTVJ reported that firefighter Kevin Newcomb made the comments in a WhatsApp group chat after the death of Det. Cesar “Echy” Echaverry, who was shot in the head by an armed robbery suspect.

“Who cares another dead cop probably against gun control,” said the message cited in the WTVJ report. “Cops exist for the government to exercise its monopoly on violence. They want the whole world to stop when one of theirs goes down.”

Newcomb also talked badly of police officers dying of COVID-19 due to perceived inaction toward precautionary measures and the officers involved in the Uvalde shooting.

The WTVJ report said in the messages, the firefighter complained about having to transport police officers who wouldn’t make up or get vaccinated for COVID-19 after they died, calling them stupid.

“All cops are for is protecting the rich property owners and the status quo,” said one of the messages. “Everything else is a farce. F— the police.”

Miami Fire Rescue released a statement Thursday condemning the messages, saying first responders must support each other.

“It is the foundation of our working relationship and the source of our respect for one another,” Fire Chief Joseph Zahralban said. “We continue to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in law enforcement, alongside the Echaverry Family and the entire Miami-Dade Police Department during this difficult time.”

Friday afternoon, the fire rescue said it confirmed Newcomb’s actions and that he would no longer work with them.