ORLANDO, Fla. (WESH) -You could call it ‘daddy dress code’ — but without a doubt, a local father’s video addressing what his daughter wears in public is making the rounds.

It’s one of the latest viral videos, and it originated in Orlando.

WESH 2 News spoke to the father who used humor to make a parenting point.

The laughter started as soon as local father Jason Hilley walked into the room.

He was wearing “short shorts” in an effort to prove his point.

“I feel humor brings more to discipline than yelling or screaming and all that,” Jason Hilley said.

His 14-year-old daughter had worn shorts that he felt were too revealing, so he put on a pair of his own.

“I will pick you up for school every day with these on, if you don’t put them on,” Jason Hilley said.

He asked her to join him to model each pair.

“If she has a pair of short shorts, then if I need to get my point across, then I’m going to wear a pair of short shorts, kind of a little tit-for-tat on the clothing,” he said.

The concept behind it is that neither of them would like the other one’s short shorts.

It worked.

“I understand it, I mean, I think the short shorts were a surprise. I didn’t really think he’d do that. I think he got his point across, and I understand it very well now,” daughter Kendall Hilley said.

“Somebody in Germany wanting to put it up, Kenya, Australia,” Jason Hilley said, referring to when the video went viral.

He was surprised by the popularity the video gained.

“Oh my gosh. This video’s had 30 million views, you’re famous now,” Kendall Hilley said.

When the video started rocketing around the world, there were a few people who commented that Jason Hilley might be shaming his daughter — something he didn’t intend, and something she never felt.

“She’ll be the first to tell you that I do not shame my kids. We just have a lot of fun together and we laugh with one another,” Jason Hilley said.

“I thought it was so ridiculous because he was just having fun with it. Just hating on it for no reason, when there’s nothing to hate on,” Kendall Hilley said, referring to people who left comments on the video.

They said it will be a memory for a lifetime.

Kendall Hilley says her short shorts have now been retired — and so have her father’s.