TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WFLA) — At Florida’s Division of Emergency Management, several of Florida’s top emergency officials announced ambitious short-term goals for hurricane Ian restoration.

Thousands of Floridians remain without power several days after hurricane Ian.

“We still have nearly 621,000 that remain without power, and rest assured they are working hard to get those lights back on,” Florida Department of Emergency Management Director Kevin Guthrie said. “That is a goal that they are trying to hit to have all customers that can receive power by Sunday of this week.” 

Two million Floridians have had their power restored and the state plans on those outages decreasing throughout the week. While that number decreases the death toll continues to increase.

“Fifty-eight, that was the last official count that we have, but they’re working, feverously going through everything now,” Mark Glass, FDLE Commissioner said.

Some are questing whether the number of deaths would be smaller if mandatory evacuation orders were issued sooner.

“Emergency management directors do not have a crystal ball,” Guthrie said. “I will never second guess an emergency manager on their decision to pull an evacuation order.”