A Florida man was left spooked when he popped the hood of his car and found a snake curled up in his engine, WSVN reports.

After dropping his kids off at school Friday morning, Ernst Dimanche, from Miami Gardens, discovered a boa constrictor in the engine of his Cadillac. 

“I saw the snake,” Dimanche told 7News. “I just went crazy. Everything, everything on my skin, I got goose bumps.”

Dimanche said he didn’t know how long it had been there.

“I took my kids to school with the snake in my truck, and now I don’t want to get back in my truck,” he said.

He called Animal Control, but couldn’t afford the $300 they were charging. Then he turned to Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, but they didn’t want to hurt the snake and refused to help.

“It found a sweet spot and it’s loving it, and no matter what I do, it will not come out,” Dimanche said.

His neighbor eventually came to the rescue and pulled the snake out of the engine using a hanger.

“Now I can go home and relax,” Dimanche said. “My snake day is over.”