TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — When a Florida deputy clocked a 16-year-old driving 132 mph on I-4, he wouldn’t let him go without first telling his parents a tragic story that began exactly the same way.

Earlier this year, Orange County Corporal Greg Rittger caught the teen speeding down I-4 in what appears to be a white, newer-model Toyota Supra.

“Do you understand that if you were 18 you’d be going to jail for reckless driving?” Corporal Rittger can be heard asking the teen in a body camera video.

The corporal asked the teen to speak with his father over the phone.

(Orange County Sheriff’s Office)

“Dad, this is Corporal Rittger at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. I need you to come out here and pick up your son.”

When the teen’s parents arrived, Corporal Rittger shared a touching, cautionary story with them.

“I guess, personally, why I called you and made you come out here is I had a kid about eight, nine, 10 years ago that I stopped in a brand new Mustang, and his parents were going through a divorce,” Rittger said. “They bought him this car and all this. He was like 16.”

“Three weeks after that court date, he wrapped the car around a tree. And now these parents don’t have a kid.”

Rittger advised the 16-year-old parents he issued their son a speeding citation that requires a court appearance. The statutory fine is $1,104. The teen’s parents returned the car home.