TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A Florida deputy handed in his badge after a dramatic video showed him holding a pregnant mother at gunpoint during a traffic stop in Bradford County last week, according to reports.

WJAX-TV reported that a cell phone video taken by the mother’s child showed Deputy Jacob Desue attempt to stop the woman who was going 75 mph in a 55-mph zone. Once Desue activated his cruiser’s lights, the woman turned her hazard lights on and slowed down but continued to drive for several minutes.

An attorney for the woman later told the news outlet she was trying to pull over in a well-lit area to ensure her three children in the back seat felt comfortable.

When the woman tried to peacefully explain her side of the story to Desue, he responded, “Your excuse means nothing to me right now, I don’t want to hear it.” At one point, Desue added, “You make any movement that will be the last mistake you ever make, do not move.”

Desue eventually holstered his gun and placed the woman in handcuffs. She continued to explain to him why she didn’t immediately pull over.

“I don’t care about the why, shut up,” Desue said.

The video of the encounter ultimately caught the attention of the Bradford County Sheriff’s Office who launched an investigation into the situation.

A spokesperson for the Bradford County Sheriff’s Office told WJAX-TV that Desue’s actions did not align with its policies or procedures and called his behavior unacceptable.

Sometime later, Desue resigned. He had been with the sheriff’s office since 2020 after he graduated from the academy. The sheriff’s office said they have had several issues with him before.