LAKE WORTH BEACH, Fla. (WFLA) — A Florida deputy caught stealing from a Home Depot received an hours-long suspension following an internal investigation.

According to a WPEC report, Palm Beach County deputy Daniel Golubovic was arrested for stealing $46.56 worth of items from a Home Depot store in the unincorporated Lake Worth area on April 14, 2022.

The report states a loss prevention employee called 911 just before 6:30 p.m. to report a theft in progress. Golubovic was detained while waiting for deputies to arrive.

The three responding deputies did not initially know Golubovic worked for the sheriff’s office, according to the internal affairs report. A deputy noticed Golubovic listed the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office headquarters address on his driver’s license, so she took him aside to ask if he was employed by the agency. He revealed he was a deputy working at the airport

Additional detectives and an internal affairs officer also responded to the store. The loss prevention worker told them Golubovic waited for employees and other customers to leave his line of sight before putting several items in the pockets of his cargo pants.

When the worker confronted Golubovic, the deputy initially denied stealing anything, but the worker told authorities a package was spotted sticking out of his pocket. After reviewing surveillance footage, investigators noted items were visibly protruding from Golubovic’s pants.

The following items were found on Golubovic’s person, according to the report:

BTP firm grip leather impact glove ($27.68)
EXT tooth lock washer zinc 1/4 ($1.28)
Flat washer zinc 1/4 25 pk ($3.33)
Danco cartridge puller (Moen) ($14.26)
Subtotal: $46.56

After a detective read Golubovic his Miranda rights, he reportedly asked them, “Going this far for just a 65?”

65 is a code for shoplifting. The report also stated Golubovic admitted to stealing the items.

“I did a stupid thing. I took a couple of items from here and didn’t pay,” Golubovic continued, according to WPEC. “I did it. It was stupid. I did it. I’m sorry I did it. I should’ve known better.”

Golubovic was arrested and put on administrative leave with pay. The report said an attorney appeared in court on his behalf and entered a “not guilty” plea.

The attorney later asked for the state to abandon prosecution if Golubovic attended a 4-hour theft abatement course and paid a $100 fine, according to WPEC. The state declined to prosecute the case in August because Golubovic attended the class and paid the small fine.

Golubovic received a 40-hour suspension from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office after the Division of Internal Affairs completed its report.