TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Martin County deputies are looking for a driver who dumped several dogs on the side of a highway over the weekend.

Deputies said the driver pushed out at least four dogs in a dark heavily wooded area on a two-lane highway with canals and difficult terrain on Sunday. The driver then took off, leaving the dogs to fend for themselves.

Animal services officers with Martin County said they have spent hours searching the area for the dogs. One of the dogs was found by a passing driver. Another dog was found in very poor condition on Thursday. Deputies said a third dog was hit and killed by a vehicle before it could be rescued.

Deputies said they aren’t sure exactly how many dogs were thrown from the vehicle but will continue to search the area.

They said they haven’t released the location of the incident because those who try to search for the dogs would be putting their lives in danger due to traffic, heat and other dangerous elements in the area.

Anyone with information about someone on the Treasure Coast or surrounding area that left with a vehicle full of dogs, mainly Pitbull and Great Dane mixes, but returned without the dogs, is asked to call the sheriff’s office.

The two dogs that were recovered are being treated for issues related to the abandonment.