TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The Florida Commission of Agriculture met Wednesday morning to address how it is trying to better protect children from consuming THC products.

There have reportedly been issues with kid-friendly THC product packaging. Specifically- candies, gummies, and cereal bars that look very similar to the packaging of the original product.

Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Wilton Simpson said children consuming these candy-looking products has been a huge issue in the state.

He said no one died last year, but nearly 1,000 kids overdosed and had to be taken to Florida hospitals.

A new law should help eliminate some of the problems.

“You can no longer have the packaging, as you can see here this colorful packaging,” Simpson said. “There has to be a safety lid.”

“We’ve had several cases where kids will go to schools and they’ll share some gummies with their friends, not tell their friends,” Poison Control’s Dr. Justin Arnold said. “Then they’ll show up at the hospital very symptomatic.”

Officials reported the removal of 80,000 of these packages across Florida since July 1.