TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Florida reported an additional 10,105 coronavirus cases on Sunday, bringing the statewide case count to 885,201.

This is the highest single-day increase in new cases since July 25, which is when the state reported over 12,000 new cases.

New cases reported:

  • Sunday: 10,105
  • Saturday: 4,544
  • Friday: 6,933
  • Thursday: 5,607
  • Wednesday: 5,838

Percent positive:

The health department received 146,093 test results from labs across the state on Saturday. Of the results received, 9.21% were positive. This includes people who have been tested multiple times.

  • Saturday: 9.21%
  • Friday: 11.41%
  • Thursday: 9.18%
  • Wednesday: 8.55%
  • Tuesday: 9.14%

Percent positivity: 

The percent positivity for new cases was 7.57% on Saturday. Percent positivity for new cases is the number of people who test PCR (nose swabs) or antigen-positive for the first time divided by all the people tested that day. That does not include people who already tested positive once and have been re-tested to see if they’re still infected.

  • Saturday: 7.57%
  • Friday: 9.95%
  • Thursday: 7.95%
  • Wednesday: 7.35%
  • Tuesday: 7.82%

Florida Resident Fatalities: 17,518 total

Florida reported 29 new virus fatalities among residents on Sunday. The report does not mention the exact date of death, therefore the deaths announced may not be from the past 24 hours. It can sometimes take weeks for fatalities to be logged.

  • Sunday: 29
  • Saturday: 44
  • Friday: 73
  • Thursday: 72
  • Wednesday: 52

Hospitalizations (51,900 since pandemic began):

  • Sunday: 87
  • Saturday: 271
  • Friday: 270
  • Thursday: 157
  • Wednesday: 243

Here’s a county-by-county breakdown of cases in the Tampa Bay area:


Total Cases: 52,907
Deaths: 857


Total Cases: 29,106
Deaths: 854


Total Cases: 11,198
Deaths: 357


Total Cases: 14,772
Deaths: 346


Total Cases: 12,547
Deaths: 259


Total Cases: 25,252
Deaths: 648


Total Cases: 4,255
Deaths: 187


Total Cases: 3,231
Deaths: 129


Total Cases: 3,927
Deaths: 147


Total Cases: 1,698
Deaths: 18

For more information on coronavirus in Florida, visit the live DOH Dashboard.

News Channel 8’s Justin Schecker spoke with an infectious diseases director about the latest increase in new cases.

“For those of us who went through things in the summer, its very reminiscent,” said Dr. Kami Kim, a USF director of infectious diseases and an attending physician at Tampa General Hospital. “With the holidays coming up and people wanting to do family gatherings, kids coming home from college, I think we’re really entering a time that could be very scary and people are really gonna have to pay attention to all precautions.”

Kim told News Channel 8 self-quarantining when exposed to the virus is crucial to slow the spread, even if you aren’t feeling sick.

“I think now we realize that some people if they do get symptoms they often are shedding a lot of virus just before they get symptoms,” she said.

Kim also said to avoid new restrictions and to keep hospitals from becoming overwhelmed, it will take a collective effort to flatten the curve again.

“Wearing masks, social distancing, being very careful about what kind of gatherings you go to that’s gonna be the most important thing over the next few months,” she said.