TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A Seminole County bride and her catering manager are in hot water after authorities said they served wedding guests food laced with drugs, according to multiple news reports.

Authorities said bride Danya Glenny, 42, and catering manager Joycelyn Bryant, 31, were both charged with tampering, culpable negligence, and delivery of marijuana after they allegedly laced food at a wedding venue with marijuana.

According to WOFL, deputies were called to The Springs Clubhouse in Longwood on Feb. 19 around 9:30 p.m. There, deputies found a wedding party of roughly 30-40 guests.

The first person deputies spoke with requested an ambulance because he was “feeling weird,” according to a WESH report, which added that several guests reported feeling sick and “high/stoned.” One guest reportedly told deputies he felt like he “had drugs inside him” after consuming only food and wine.

Another guest said he was feeling “ill and high.”

Several guests complained of stomach pains and vomiting, and were transported to South Seminole Hospital for treatment.

When deputies asked if Glenny had consented to or requested the food contain marijuana, she stared blankly at the deputy before saying “no,” the WOFL report added. Deputies then tried to locate Bryant, but the staff had already left.

Food samples including chocolate-covered strawberries, pudding ‘shot’ desserts, and lasagna were taken for testing purposes.

Both women turned themselves in Monday, but have since bonded out.