TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A Florida art teacher was arrested after he allegedly started blaring loud music at his school while standardized testing was in progress, and refused to turn it off, WESH reports.

Police in Port Orange were called to a disturbance at Creekside Middle School around noon on Tuesday. A teacher, Martin Reese, had been blaring loud music and was trying to interrupt FSA testing, according to police. He refused to turn it off and caused a disturbance while being escorted to the principal’s office, police said.

“This caused the school to go into lockdown until the situation was resolved,” police said in a statement. “At no time were any students endangered and no weapons were involved in the incident.”

Reese also recorded live videos of the incident and posted them on social media.

“We’re going to play music very loud, FSA testing is today and there’s a lot of students, a lot of kids stressed out about it,” he said in one of the videos.

He was arrested on charges of disrupting a school function and disorderly conduct.

WESH reports Reese only worked at Creekside for a little over two weeks. A school district representative said he was “dismissed.”