A Florida animal hospital revealed on Facebook a beloved community alpaca died on Saturday.

Creekside Animal Hospital in Fleming Island wrote: “It is with a heavy heart that we want to inform our clients and friends at [Swimming Pen Creek Elementary] that our youngest alpaca that was born out on the shared field over a year ago has passed away.”

In the post, the hospital goes into detail about a man in a blue car who is allegedly responsible for the death of the alpaca.

The animal hospital said he would often dump human food into the field. And although the staff warned the man on multiple occasions, he wouldn’t stop.

This time, he left three boxes of animal crackers, a large bag of Doritos, two boxes of Cheese Nips and two bags of whole peanuts, according to the post.

The animal hospital said this was the first time peanuts were dumped, and the youngest alpaca overindulged.

The hospital tired to save the alpaca with a blood transfusion from his father, but it was too late.

Employees are now afraid for the rest of the herd, including the goats.

The animals will likely be moving to a new location to stay protected from the man in the blue car.