(WFLA) — Dozens of alligators with glowing orange eyes were spotted lying in wait in the swamps of Floridas Big Cypress National Preserve.

In a Facebook, post wildlife photographer Bobby Wummer described the early morning photo shoot as “an eerie experience.”

Wummer said he ventured out in the pre-dawn hours to capture and illuminate the eyes of some South Florida alligators.

“I used my Canon wide-angle lens and a flash to light up the scene,” Wummer wrote in the post. “I have to admit it truly was an eerie experience.”

Even though Wummer was standing on higher ground than the gators, he admitted he was “truly outnumbered” by the “magnificent Florida dinosaurs.”

“There were so many more gators than the images show, Wummer wrote in a separate Instagram post. “I use the Canon wide-angle lens and I still couldn’t get all the gators into the photo, this is actually cropped from that wide-angle lens photo.”

Big Cypress is over 729,000 acres of preserved freshwater swampland that borders the Everglades to the northwest, TMX reportd. In addition to alligators, Big Cypress is home to the endangered Florida panther.