TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles added 12 new specialty license plates this week for use by Florida drivers.

Nine of the 12 plates are Divine Nine specialty plates, for members of the National Pan-Hellenic Council organizations.

The other three plates now offered include a plate for Explore Off-Road Florida, as well as an America the Beautiful plate that features a bald eagle, Florida sunset and American flag. An Army of Occupation Military plate is also available for former military service members who served during the Cold War from May 9, 1945 to Oct. 2, 1990.

Some of the new plates require verification to order and use them.

For the Divine Nine plates, customers order the specialty license must be a Florida resident and member of the organization. To order the plate itself, members must provide present proof of membership, via organization cards indicating their membership, or a written letter on the organization letterhead and signed by the national president of the organization.

Revenue from the Divine Nine plates is given to the United Negro College Fund, sponsoring college scholarships for Florida residents attending the state’s historically black colleges and universities, according to FLHSMV.

Divine Nine specialty license plates are as follows:

Purchase of the America the Beautiful specialty plate will be “distributed to the America the Beautiful Fund for projects and programs teaching character, leadership, and service to Florida youth” according to FLHSMV.

For the Army of Occupation Military plate, eligibility is only given to Florida armed services members. Qualification for the plate is based on service time and location during the Cold War. Specifically, FLHSMV said those applying to use the plate must have been permanently assigned overseas during the Cold War, and must have proof of active or former active duty status and membership.

However, proof that the resident applying for the plate was awarded the Army of Occupation Medal “is sufficient” to be eligible for the plate.

The new license plates are available now for request, according to FLHSMV. Drivers seeking to request one of the new plates, and who is eligible, are encouraged to contact local offices to check inventory before purchase. Those who ordered the plates with presale vouchers will “soon be able to redeem them at their local tax collector office or license plate agency,” FLHSMV said.