TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Less than half of Americans are “extremely proud” to be Americans, according to a new poll from Gallup. While the whole country hits historic lows of national pride, Florida was ranked as the 47th most patriotic state in the union.

The Gallup poll, released June 29, reported the lowest level of American adults with pride in the United States and of their citizenship since the poll’s start in 2001. Overall, Gallup reported just 65% of all American adults “express pride” in the country.

“This record-low level of extreme national pride comes at a challenging time in the U.S. as a pandemic-weary public is struggling with the highest U.S. inflation rate in more than four decades,” the poll said.

According to the poll:

  • 38% are “extremely” and 27% “very” proud to be Americans
  • Extreme pride at new lows for Republicans (58%), independents (34%)
  • Democrats’ 26% extreme pride near record low

A separate study conducted by WalletHub in June found that patriotic feelings were “dampened” due to a year of what the company called “startling statistics” such as a 44% increase in hate crimes, and a “similarly high” increase of homicides.

According to WalletHub, of all of the states in the U.S., Florida ranked 47th for patriotism. Their study ranked states by different factors, such as number of veterans, number of military enlistees, volunteerism, and civic engagement, among others.

For states with high or low volunteer rates, Florida was near the bottom at No. 48. Ranked by military engagement, Florida scored No. 19, but only No. 49 for civic engagement. The WalletHub study considered military engagement as a combination of average military enlistees per 1,000 adults, veterans per 1,000 adults, active-duty military personnel per capita, and how many civilian adults who were in military reserves.

Civic engagement was determined by number of adults who voted in the 2020 presidential election, how many voted in the 2020 primaries, number who volunteer and how many hours, as well as by participation in AmeriCorps and Peace Corps, in addition to jury participation and those who are members of civic organizations.

Gallup reported differences in pride by political party may have been spurred by factors including political candidates, noting a higher level of pride among Democratic Party members after the election of President Joe Biden. However, the poll analysis said “Democrats’ extreme pride rose to 31% in 2021 at the start of Joe Biden’s presidency, but it is down this year to 26%.”

Party versus party, Republicans tend to skew higher on the scale of pride in being American. When it comes to men and women, men are also more likely to express “extreme pride in being American” compared to women. According to Gallup, education levels were also a factor, in addition to political party affiliation.

“National pride is notably higher among groups that are more likely to identify as Republicans — men, older Americans and those without a college degree,” Gallup reported.

While the most recent poll data showed a historic low of national pride, Gallup said the majority of U.S. adults are still proud to be American, even as “deepening political divisions and party gridlock in Washington” contribute to the population becoming “less inclined to say they are proud of their country.”