TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — When it comes to the best and worst states to drive in for 2023, Florida ranked as 12th best in the United States, according to a study of driving conditions and car care options by WalletHub.

When it comes to cost of owning a car, Florida was No. 26, but ranked among the best for access to maintenance.

However, when it came to the score for traffic and infrastructure the Sunshine State scored near the bottom, while for safety itself Florida was slightly above the middle ground on the list.

Florida scored 44th out of 50 for traffic and infrastructure, according to the WalletHub study. The report’s methodology notes said that meant the state had rush hour traffic congestion, and there had been a noted increase in the number of vehicles on state highways.

Focused just on congestion, Florida was 41st for congestion levels, meaning a lot of rush hour traffic.

It’s no secret that Florida has been among the top migration destinations for U.S. residents over the past few years, contributing to the increase in vehicles on the road, though the speed of migration to the Sunshine State has started to slow down.

Turning to access for maintenance, Florida was tied for first place on available car washes, and ranked fourth for auto shops per 100,000 people, meaning it’s one of the best places to keep your car running smoothly.

All in all, the combination of factors put Florida at 12th best overall for driving conditions among the 50 states.