SANFORD, Fla. (WESH)—Investigators are trying to determine if three off-duty Orlando Police Officers were intentionally given something that made them sick.

Sanford police aren’t identifying the officers who got sick, but a Winter Springs police report references that one person is an off-duty Orlando police officer who was out with two others from his same shift.

The three had dinner at the Willow Tree last Wednesday night, then went to Henry’s Depot for drinks.

The report indicates a history from that spot two weeks earlier, where words were exchanged with a staff member.

The friends then went to Tuffy’s Bottle Shop for a drink and then ended at Celery City Craft.

The first of the friends started feeling sick at the last stop, but things got worse as the hours passed.

Sanford police got a call from the Winter Springs Police Department after one of the people had returned home from the night on the town in downtown Sanford and got very sick.

The report says one off-duty officer was vomiting, profusely sweating and had muscle pain.

The report says a doctor at a Longwood hospital said one person seemed be suffering the effects of “being drugged or poisoned.”

The next paragraph of the report indicates they may have been drugged with a narcotic commonly known as Rohypnol (GHB).

An unnamed first responder is quoted as saying one of the three “exhibited symptoms of someone who may be overdosing.”

The FBI is assisting in the case, but the Sanford Police Department is leading the investigation.

WESH 2 News reached out to all the businesses named in the report and all said they were fully cooperating with the investigation.

Sanford police say at this point, the investigation hinges on what toxicology reports say about the three people who got sick.