TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — With summer vacation officially behind us, it’s almost that time to bring out the long sleeves — That’s according to the Farmer’s Almanac which says “the brrr is back” this winter.

“Winter weather is making a comeback,” the almanac said. “After a warm winter anomaly last year, traditional cool temperatures and snowy weather conditions will return to the contiguous United States.”

Winter doesn’t officially start until Dec. 21, but that doesn’t mean the cold condition will wait until then. The almanac’s extended weather forecast calls for a fierce start to the winter weather. That’s due in part to a robust El Niño that’s forecast to survive until the latter half of 2023.

While it’s unlikely the Tampa Bay area will experience any snowfall, unseasonably cold temperatures across the southeast states in mid-February could help bring the snow to northern Florida.

Northeast Florida typically sees snowflakes about once every eight years, and Northwestern Florida sees snow flurries a bit more frequently than that. Either way, most of the southeast is expected to get chilly and wet.

“Our goal is to help you plan ahead,” the almanac says. “Yes, predicting the weather that far in advance has its risks, and at times, nature likes to remind us that she has the last word. But we do our best with the tools we have to offer you both these summary outlooks and zoned forecasts.”