MIAMI (AP) — The family of an Illinois mother who was killed while parasailing in the Florida Keys filed a wrongful death and personal injury lawsuit against the boat company.

Attorneys for the family said Supraja Alaparthi’s death was caused when a boat captain cut loose the parasail as a storm approached on May 30.

According to a previous report, a cluster of scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms pushed off the mainland while the family was in the air. Wind gusts in the area reached up to 32 mph, the National Weather Service said.

“All of the sudden, the temperature dropped by 10 degrees and the wind started blowing like crazy,” said John Callion, a charter fishing guide and good Samaritan who witnessed the incident.

Callion said he watched the cable snap and the family drop into the water before they were dragged approximately a mile across the surface and into the Old Seven Mile Bridge.

Callion said he raced after the family as soon as he saw them drop into the water, cutting their harnesses to free them from the snagged chute.

The mother’s 9-year-old nephew was seriously injured and her 10-year-old son suffered minor injuries.

According to the Associated Press, the woman’s 6-year-old daughter watched the crash from the boat along with 10 other family members.

Attorneys say the boat company was negligent in taking the family out as a storm approached.