TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Today would have been Tyre Sampson’s 15th birthday.

His father marked the occasion by releasing balloons outside of Icon Park and calling once again for the ride where his son died to be dismantled, removed and a marker placed in his son’s honor.

Sampson died on March 24, 2022, when he fell out of a seat on the FreeFall ride at Icon Park.

An investigation later showed that a harness sensor has been manually adjusted to allow the teen onto the ride.

Sampson was 380 pounds and the maximum capacity of the ride was listed at 287 pounds.

Ben Crump, the Sampson family attorney, maintains there were no signs posted giving a maximum height and weight restriction for the ride.

Yarnell Sampson says the park did not protect his son.

“How would you feel – you send your son to a vacation, to have fun, the next thing you know they don’t come home. That’s a phone call no parent want to get,” said Sampson.

Attorney Crumps says his legal team has videos that show the moments before, during and after the teen fell to his death and it’s time for the owners of the theme park to admit fault.

“It shouldn’t be that complicated to report out, this is the failure that caused this young man to lose his life and all of the corporate defendants, all of them, have blood on their hands,” said Crump.