LARGO, Fla. (WFLA) — A South Florida man caught an iguana after it apparently fell from a tree after the statewide cold snap.

Green iguanas, an invasive species to the Sunshine State, are known to fall from trees sometimes when temperatures drop too low for the tropical reptiles.

However, they’re not dead — just knocked out, in a sense.

This past weekend, the National Weather Service reported that the iguanas could become slow or immobile as the temperature dipped below 40 degrees.

This was the case for one iguana caught on camera Sunday after it fell from a palm in Fort Lauderdale.

“Big ol’ boy’s struggling,” said the man filming the incapacitated reptile. “They never let you get this close to them.”

However, the paralysis effect is temporary. Once the temps warm back up, the scaly invaders are able to scurry about as usual.