TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A man accused of forcing his way into the Naples Police Department Friday and stealing hundreds of dollars worth of tactical gear was arrested after an hours-long search, according to authorities.

NBC affiliate WBBH, citing an arrest report, says 36-year-old Joseph Moulton jumped a fence at the south parking lot of the Naples Police Department, climbed inside an unlocked patrol cruiser, and hung around for several minutes until he spotted workers exiting the facility.

Moulton then leaped out of the cruiser and took cover in some nearby bushes.

Once the coast was clear, Moulton grabbed a water hose and shoved the nozzle under a door before turning the water on, causing at least an inch of water to flood the area, the news outlet reported.

Still undetected, Moulton pulled at the door with force, cracking the code necessary to enter the building. Next stop, the men’s locker room, where WBBH reported Moulton made himself at home by taking a shower and helping himself to a uniform shirt, pants, cap and a bulletproof vest worth $900.

A police report noted that Moulton defecated on the women’s bathroom floor and dumped a police radio in the toilet.

According to a report from WINK, it took police more than two hours to know an intruder was inside their building, and more than six hours to arrest the suspect.

During questioning, Moulton reportedly admitted to being under the influence and not recalling what he did. He was charged with two counts of burglary and one count of grand theft.