ORLANDO, Fla. (WFLA) — A Florida gas station was forced to stop selling gas after six customers said the contaminated gas seriously damaged their cars.

WESH 2 News reported that customers purchased the gas at Chevron Stop N Go at 10526 East Colonial Drive on Oct. 10 and 11.

Greg Schebel told WESH that his pickup truck barely made it home after he got gas from the station.

“Got two blocks from here. It started running horrible,” Schebel told the news station.

WESH reported that Schebel is a retired mechanic and suspected he might have gotten bad gas. He said he returned to the station to get a sample from the same pump he used and poured it into a glass bowl.

“I could see there was water in the gas. Rusty water that fell to the center. Water and gas separate. Water goes to the bottom. Gas goes to the top,” Schebel said.

Schebel showed the watery mixture to a clerk at the gas station and called the Department of Agriculture, which inspects retail gas pumps.

Documents obtained by WESH showed that an inspector stopped at the gas station and found the amount of water exceeded one inch in three of the gas station’s storage tanks.

WESH reported that the gas station was ordered to stop selling gas and the reason listed was contamination.

The news station said six drivers filed complaints after their cars began stalling, sputtering and even breaking down.

As of Monday, the gas pumps remained closed.