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TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Florida deputies and several good Samaritans worked together in a dramatic rescue that saved the life of a woman in danger.

On Tuesday, deputies responded to multiple calls about a woman who was standing outside the protective fencing of an overpass threatening to jump into I-75 traffic below.

In a heart-pounding video released by the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, a deputy and a civilian can be seen reaching through the fence to grab onto the woman’s clothing who tried to break free. Several bystanders rushed in to grab what loose clothing they could to stop the woman from falling off the overpass.

At the same time, the driver of a box truck that was headed southbound on I-75 saw the struggle and parked his vehicle below the dangling woman.

Authorities rushed on top of the truck and worked with the good samaritans to lower the woman and secure her safely on the ground.

The woman was transported to a local hospital for evaluation.

“This was excellent work by our deputies, who will use any means necessary to protect and save lives, including putting themselves in harm’s way,” Sheriff Kevin Rambosk said. “This was a tremendous display of teamwork between law enforcement and civilians, who worked together to save a woman in crisis.”