MIAMI (WFLA) — Dozens of people were injured at a South Florida mall on Saturday when police say a man sprayed a bear repellent inside a Bath and Body Works before stealing two bags of candles.

The alleged incident happened in the Bath and Body Works at Miami International Mall in Doral.

According to police, at least 35 people were injured when the suspect sprayed the repellent. Most of the victims were treated at the scene.

A manager at the Bath and Body Works was among those injured in the attack. She was taken to the hospital in serious condition.

“We started coughing actually, where we were, and it wasn’t even that close,” one victim said. “We were all of the way across and we felt it. We could smell it, we could breathe it.”

Police say the suspect stole two bags of candles from the store before leaving the scene in a yellow cab. The man has not yet been located.