NEPTUNE BEACH, Fla. (WFLA) — A Florida beach town now has two Publix stores directly next to each other, causing confusion among some residents.

Publix opened a new store about 250 feet from the existing Neptune Beach location – that’s less than the length of a football field.

“It’s a bit silly, like why do you need two?” Shopper Josh Kelling asked NBC affiliate WTLV. “That sounds like ‘Doublix’ to me.”

Both Publixes have the typical deli, produce and bakery departments, but the new store has unique offerings that give it a bit of an edge. It has a counter where patrons can buy coffee, beer or wine to drink while they shop.

“If there’s the sip and shop option, that might be something that draws us to that store in particular,” Neptune Beach resident Maria McDaniels told WTLV. “But the other one is more convenient.”

Despite being just feet from each other, McDaniels said the layout of the parking lot gives the older location an advantage. That Publix location has a traffic light that would allow shoppers to turn left onto the busy Atlantic Blvd. (SR-A1A).

Publix told WTLV that the new location will “alleviate congestion in stores, in addition to allowing for the best traffic patterns in a particular area.”