TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A Daytona Beach woman heading out to walk her dog was shocked to find a visitor near her front porch early Thursday morning.

According to NBC affiliate WESH, Gina Helsel usually sends her dog to shoo away cats that gather on her porch. But on this day, a different animal decided to show up.

The video shows Gina leaving her home with her dog when it starts to bark. All of a sudden, a bear poked its head around the corner.

“They just all startled each other, you know, she didn’t expect to have a bear sitting there, and the bear wasn’t prepared to have her show up with the dog,” Mike Orlando, an FWC bear biologist said.

Orlando said the bear seemed to act normal, as it was only focused on the dog, meaning it’s likely not an aggressive bear.

“I’m always looking for gators, always looking for snakes, and a great fear of coyotes, but bears I didn’t really think about,” Helsel told WESH.

Due to the surprise, Helsel is seen in the video struggling to open the front door.

And as for what the bear was doing in the neighborhood? Digging in the neighbor’s trash.

Orlando said to make sure you keep all garbage secure so bears, nor wild animals, can be tempted to approach.