FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla. (WFLA) — An iconic timepiece in the center of the Fort Myers Times Square is no more. The clock was destroyed during Hurricane Ian, according to NBC affiliate WBBH.

“It’s devastating,” Bob Delaney told the news outlet while looking at the damage. “I’ve never seen anything like this in my life.”

All that’s left of the clock is the concrete base and exposed electrical wires.

“It’s more than a clock. It’s a beacon,” Jeffrey Thurner told WBBH. “This is just absolutely unbelievable.”

In 2020, the news station reported that plans were announced to revamp the iconic clock and the beach town went berserk.

“Let it be known throughout the town that the clock is going to stay,” Mayor Ray Murphy said in 2020.

When the clock broke down in early 2022, WBBH reported that Fort Myers officials wasted no time fixing it.

“This was our Fort Myers Beach ‘Southernmost Point’ if you will,” Thurner told the news station.

The manufacturer of the clock, Verdin Bells and Clocks, said it wants to help replace it.

The company released a statement to WBBH.

Thank you for reaching out regarding the damage suffered by the beloved Times Square Clock at Fort Myers Beach during Hurricane Ian.

The Verdin Company is touched by the outpouring of concern for this iconic clock. We know that our unique, decorative clocks are a proud landmark and symbol of continuity for many communities. We will do our very best to help Fort Myers replace the Times Square Clock and restore the vibrancy of Times Square.

Our Florida representative has been in touch with the appropriate Fort Myer officials to offer our assistance in replacing the clock. We appreciate that many emergency response teams are working day and night to help the people of Fort Myers recover from this tragic event. When the time is right to begin work on the clock, The Verdin Company will be ready to help.

Our hearts are with Fort Myers and all the Florida communities that suffered so much damage during the hurricane. We look forward to working together to replace the Times Square Clock and restore the sense of spirit that this iconic clock brings to Fort Myers.

A Fort Myers spokesperson told the news station that they have not been able to locate the clock and there is a chance they never will.

“Maybe that’s when we’ll know that Fort Myers Beach is back,” Delaney told WBBH. “When the clock is back.”