TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis spoke in front of the Historic Cape Coral Pier Monday to provide updates on state-wide recovery efforts following Hurricane Ian’s landfall in the Fort Myers area last week.

The governor said over 95% of Floridians who lost access to electricity during the storm have already had their power restored. Many residents living in Charlotte, Lee, DeSoto, Hardee, southern Sarasota, and Collier Counties are still left without power.

The governor said the thousands of men and women who were brought to Florida to assist with power restoration can now move to the areas most affected by the hurricane.

“Now it’s time to bring all the resources to help everyone here,” DeSantis said standing in front of the ravaged Cape Coral Pier.

The governor also said FDOT trucks will begin surveying the damage to bridges connecting Pine Island and Sanibel Island to the mainland. DeSantis said he hopes FDOT will have a temporary bridge in place by the end of the week to connect residents on Pine Island with a reliable transportation option off the island.

FDOT is also in its planning stages to construct a temporary bridge to reconnect Sanibel Island. No expected timeline was announced.

DeSantis said linemen will begin to reconstruct the crippled power grid immediately rather than waiting for a temporary bridge to be put in place. The governor said the National Guard will fly crews to and from the islands to begin work.