ORLANDO, Fla. (WESH) — Gov. Ron DeSantis says he would sign a bill legalizing the carrying of firearms without a permit.

When asked if he would sign a constitutional carry bill if it made his desk, DeSantis said, “of course.”

That would allow gun owners to carry firearms without a permit.

“The presence of firearms makes (violent) people think twice about what they are going to do,” Howie-in-the-Hills State Rep. Anthony Sabatini said.

Sabatini filed House Bill 103 which would allow the unlicensed carrying of concealed weapons or firearms and open carrying of weapons.

That means people could wear their guns so they’re visible.

“There is no reason to look at constitutional carry as something that would spur gun violence because people can already carry firearms. And anyone who can legally carry a firearm is going to do it whether it’s a constitutional carry State or not,” Sabatini said.

The person in charge of concealed carry permits, democratic Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, is running to unseat the governor next year.

She calls DeSantis’ support of the new gun bill, all politics.

“He is just using this as political fodder to get his base riled up and not taking into account the other 22 million people of our State that just want responsible gun ownership and make sure that background checks are done and that is what we have done inside the commissioner’s office,” Fried said.

Twenty-one states currently allow concealed carry of firearms without a permit.