TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A super PAC behind Florida Governor Ron DeSantis offered to foot the bill to relocate former President Donald Trump to California after the 2024 Republican front-runner’s repeated campaign attacks.

“Donald Trump has so deeply disparaged the state of Florida by calling it the ‘worst state,’ we at Never Back Down will help him leave by offering financial assistance to help him move to his beloved California, so he can be close to his good buddy Gavin Newsom, whom he loves so intensely and gets along with so well,” Never Back Down CEO Chris Jankowski said in a statement.

The former president has resided in Palm Beach, Florida since leaving the White House.

“No one will notice when Trump leaves”, Jankowski fired back.

“The state of Florida will be better off when Trump takes his Soros-fueled, dumpster fire of a campaign to San Francisco, where it will fit right in.”

Trump’s campaign has repeatedly criticized the governor for spending “half his time running for president outside of Florida, while Florida taxpayers pay the tab.”

In one campaign ad, a Trump PAC launched a “pudding fingers” attack at DeSantis, claiming the governor “loves sticking his fingers where they don’t belong, and we’re not just talking about pudding.”