TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WFLA) — As voters headed to the polls across Florida Tuesday morning, Gov. Ron DeSantis and his cabinet members held their first meeting since March at the Capitol.

The nearly four-hour long meeting was inconvenient for one cabinet member – Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried. As one of the candidates running in Tuesday’s Democratic gubernatorial primary, it was her final day to campaign across the state.

Fried voted in Tallahassee bright and early then immediately headed to the cabinet meeting.

“You saw how long the agenda was today and that was also not coincidental,” Commissioner Fried said. “While my attention had to be here at the cabinet meeting, we’ve put together an incredible team, an incredible campaign.”

WFLA asked the governor why he held the meeting on such a contentious day for one of his cabinet members and potential opponents in November.

“Three of us didn’t have elections, so you have to make decisions and that’s what we did,” DeSantis said.

Fried and DeSantis could potentially face off in the midterms, but most polls indicate Rep. Charlie Crist has the lead in Tuesday’s Democratic primary.

The question of who will be the next governor of Florida won’t be answered until November. But in a few short hours, votes will be counted and there will be an answer to which Democrat will take on governor DeSantis in the midterm elections.

“I’m happy Floridians get to go out and vote,” Gov. DeSantis said. “I’m glad I’m not on the ballot. It’s always best to run unopposed.”