(WFLA) — “Croczilla,” the largest crocodile in the Florida Everglades was spotted earlier this month by a wildlife photographer.

Kym Clark posted a video of the crocodile on Instagram on April 2. The video shows the crocodile resting on grass while opening its mouth.

“Although this crocodile looks fierce, the American Crocodiles are very timid,” Clark wrote.

Clark said the crocodile’s open mouth is not a sign of aggression. The croc was regulating its body temperature or yawning.

Crocodiles are known to have a more narrow snout and are lighter in color than alligators. Both their upper and lower teeth can be seen.

“Always keep a safe distance from crocodiles and other wildlife,” Clark said.

American crocodiles have been listed as an endangered species since 1975, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service listed the species as threatened.