POMPANO BEACH, Fla. (WFLA) — Sightseers and swimmers were surprised to find a crocodile swimming underneath a Florida pier on Monday.

The Sun Sentinel reported that a crew of lifeguards started their shift with a run and a swim by the Fisher Family Pier in Pompano Beach.

City spokesperson Sandra King told the newspaper outlet that one of the lifeguards was running late and ended up trailing behind the others. When he was heading for shore, a woman on the pier tried to get his attention about the crocodile.

“It was swimming toward him as he was getting out of the water,” King said.

Lifeguards hoisted double red flags, which means no swimming is allowed. King said the crew also got all the swimmers out of the water.

(City of Pompano Beach)

The city said it contacted the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission about the crocodile. An officer “determined to let it be,” King told the Sun Sentinel.

King said the crocodile was tagged and it spent much of the morning underneath the pier.

Wildlife experts told WSVN that the crocodile could hang out in the area for a day or two.