DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (WESH) – A Daytona Beach man was arrested after police say they caught him making online arrangements to have sex with children.

Detectives say the man thought he was communicating with a woman who was going to allow him to have sex with her teenage daughters, but he was actually communicating with an undercover cop.

Vance Taylor, 29, was arrested Thursday after investigators say he went to an arranged location in the city with the expectation of meeting the woman and her children.

Undercover officers with the city’s newly created advanced technology and cyber crimes unit said they engaged Taylor online after he allegedly posted an ad that read, “impregnate your daughter or sister or wife.”

The undercover officer claimed to be a mother, offering up her 13 and 14-year-old daughters for sex.

Officers said Taylor sent several nude photos of himself and made multiple comments about sexually explicit acts he wanted to perform.

Investigators said after a number of disturbing conversations, Taylor asked to meet with the mother and teenage girls, but was met by authorities instead.

Authorities said they were stunned when Taylor then allegedly said, “Good thing it’s the cops, I was going to kill that girl.”

Taylor is accused of carrying a large folding knife in his pocket at the time of the arrest.

During a longer interview with Taylor, he said his intention was to go to the location and get rid of some of his frustrations in life and to kill one of the people he was meeting, according to police.

A judge called Taylor a “community danger” and ordered he be held, at least for now, without bond.

Police said Taylor did not have a previous criminal history.STORIES OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON-