MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (WFLA) — The U.S. Coast Guard offloaded over $160 million worth of drugs in South Florida last Friday, according to a statement.

The Coast Guard said Cutter Dauntless seized around 8,500 pounds or 4.5 tons of cocaine as it patrolled the Caribbean Sea.

Thirteen drug smugglers from the Dominican Republic and Colombia were arrested in the patrol, according to the USCG statement.

“The Coast Guard’s strong international partnerships, counter threats in the maritime domain, protect each of our countries from transnational organized crime, and work to stabilize and promote good governance in the region,” said, Lt. Paul Puddington, a District Seven duty enforcement officer. “We are thankful for coordinated efforts across the U.S. Coast Guard, the Department of Defense, Customs and Border Protection, as well as our international partners from the Netherlands and throughout Central and South America.”

After dropping off the narcotic, the Dauntless headed back to its homeport in Pensacola.