CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA/NBC) – A Charlotte County couple is cleaning up after their toilet exploded on Sunday morning.

MaryLou Ward said she, her husband and her three dogs were laying in bed in their Gulf Cove home, listening to the rain and thunder, when they were blown out of bed.

“It was the loudest noise I’ve ever heard it just went BOOM.” Ward said. “We got out of bed and came over here, and the toilet was laying on the floor.”

Her porcelain toilet blown to pieces.

A-1 Affordable Plumbing, the company helping clean up the mess, said lightning struck near the home’s septic tank. That combined with the methane gas in poop caused the bomb-like effect that traveled through the pipes, exploding the toilet in their master bathroom.

“I already sent a picture out to my kids and said, ‘Don’t do it!’ Here’s the proof why you shouldn’t go near the bathroom in a thunderstorm,” said the couple’s next-door neighbor Charles Allen.

The plumbing company said this is just as rare as getting struck by lightning yourself.

Luckily, the mess will be covered by insurance.