TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Cedar Key is recovering after being hit by the Category 3 hurricane on Wednesday.

WFLA’s Jeff Patterson was in downtown Cedar Key during Hurricane Idalia, wading through a street where water was just below his knees.

Homes had water up to the middle of the front doors, which got into and damaged the houses.

Images show the enormous amount of flooding the area experienced. Trees were knocked down and debris floated in the floods.

“There has been catastrophic damage overnight”, Patterson said Wednesday morning.

According to Cedar Key Fire Rescue, power has been restored in the downtown area, but a lot of electrical shortages have been reported.

On Wednesday, fire rescue said, “We have the Lower Suwannee Refuge, helping us get to the areas that we cannot due to Highwater to check on those who refused to leave.”

Cedar Key Fire Rescue

The island reopened to pass holders Wednesday evening. The county urged residents to check on their properties and see what needs to be done, but to leave immediately after.

The county also encourages residents to not block the roads, as operating equipment takes priority during this time.