TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Hundreds of guests set to depart from Miami aboard the Carnival Conquest cruise ship will have to reschedule their plans. Carnival Cruise announced the ship will instead ferry stranded passengers after another Carnival Cruise ship partially caught fire Thursday morning.

Carnival announced Conquest’s next cruise, which was set to depart from Miami on Friday, May 27, has been canceled. The ship will instead sail to Grand Turk to transport Carnival Freedom guests back to Port Canaveral after a fire broke out inside the ship’s tail funnel.

Passengers on the Carnival Freedom told WFLA their ship left Port Canaveral, Florida on Monday and was docked in Grand Turk Island when the fire broke out. There were 2504 guests and 972 crew on board.

Carnival previously said all guests and crew were safe and they were cleared by local authorities to go ashore.

Once guests are transferred from Carnival Freedom to Conquest, the ship will proceed to Freeport for repairs.

Carnival said Conquest’s May 30 departure will be shortened by one day, with guests embarking on May 31, as a result of the incident.

The May 28 departure of Carnival Freedom from Port Canaveral was also canceled. Guests booked on the impacted sailings on Carnival Conquest and Carnival Freedom voyages have been notified of these changes.

Carnival apologized to all guests who may have been impacted and offered a special thanks to the crew who handled the situation on the ship effectively and according to safety protocols.