MIAMI (WFLA) – A 16-year-old male Domedary camel was euthanized at Zoo Miami on Tuesday after a battle with degenerative joint disease.

Zoo officials made the announcement on Wednesday, saying the camel, named “Fluffy,” was receiving a variety of treatments, including pain management medications and laser therapy.

“Though those treatments were able to provide Fluffy with some comfort and a good quality of life for an extended period of time, the progression of the disease had gotten to a point where all available treatment options had been exhausted and his quality of life could no longer be maintained,” a statement from the zoo said.

A decision was made between the Animal Health and Animal Science teams to humanely euthanize Fluffy to prevent further suffering.

Fluffy was part of the Interactive Programs department at Zoo Miami and often had interactions with guests in the zoo’s camel feeding program.