TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Authorities are investigating what appears to be several bullet holes that were found in an upper-level window of the Jacksonville mayor’s office on Monday.

According to a report from WJXT, there were no reported injuries, but the fourth-floor window at Jacksonville City Hall was visibly damaged from the impact.

The local news outlet said a city council staffer, who was on break at the time, found several 9mm bullet casings in James Weldon Johnson Park Monday morning. An officer collected the spent casings into evidence before the damaged window was discovered when the blinds were lifted.

At least four shell casings were collected, WJAX reported.

News crews reported seeing a police cruiser outside the mayor’s house Tuesday morning, which the city said is not typical. Local officials said the mayor typically has two officers with him at all times.

The mayor was in his office on Monday.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said there have not been any shots fired calls in the area since Nov. 8.

According to WJXT, the last time City Hall was struck by gunfire was in August 2021 during a shooting at James Weldon Johnson Park.