BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. (WESH) – A man survived what a Brevard County investigator describes as 10 hours of torture that included beating, rape and bleach poured on open wounds.

Derek Munnings is named by detectives as the leader in an alleged torture session that left the victim helpless, bruised and bleeding. Munnings faces charges of battery, sexual battery of a victim over 18 and kidnapping while inflicting bodily harm.

Tivy Colderwood faces similar charges.

“What I can say is my client is shocked by the allegations,” Brynn Brito, Colderwood’s attorney said, “He denies any and all of them. He’s not certain what happened here in the situation, but he denies any responsibility or activity in the allegation.”

At the Palm Bay home the accused men share, an arrest warrant affidavit said Munnings began the assault by calling the victim a snitch.

The arrest report said over the next several hours, the victim was tortured by Munnings with the assistance of Colderwood.

The report said the victim told authorities he felt himself lose and regain consciousness throughout the evening.

For 10 hours, the men stomped on the victim’s face, raped him with an unknown object and poured bleach onto the open wounds on his face, according to the affidavit.

The men allegedly put the victim in a car belonging to another roommate, David Grey-Martin, and trio drove the victim to a remote location.

The victim had struggled to cut his bonds while in the trunk and cut his hands with aluminum cans, the report said.

When they reached Vero Beach, the affidavit said it was the intention of Colderwood to assist Munnings in murdering the victim.

A passing car scared the men, and they fled, leaving the victim to be discovered in a ditch by a truck driver, helpless and with most of his clothing missing, the report said.

The victim identified his alleged attackers from his hospital bed.WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON RIGHT NOW: