TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Have you ever dreamed of starring in a major blockbuster film or going on a world tour? Well, for those born in Florida, your chance of reaching fame might be more likely than those born in a different state.

According to a study conducted by TicketSource, the Sunshine State ranked No. 7 on the list of states that produced the country’s biggest stars from actors, singers, comedians, and professional athletes.

TicketSource reported that out of 113,000 stars analyzed in the search, about 4,700 were born in Florida. Out of all the celebrity categories, the study shows that Florida produces more professional athletes than any other star, with 3,500.

About 658 actors and actresses, 517 singers, and 26 comedians also reign from Florida.

California took the top spot, producing more actors, singers and rappers than any of the other states.

Coming in at No. 2, New York had the greatest number of comedians, and Texas produced the most athletes among the states.

The full ranking for the Top 10 states is listed below:

RankStateActor/ActressesSingers/RappersAthletesComediansTotal No. of Stars
2New York4,6842,3814,12953711,731
5Illinois 1,4748653,1642175,720
7Florida 6585173,500264,701
8Michigan 5596272,790254,001
9New Jersey9105372,349583,854

To see the full list of ranked states, follow this link.

All data from the study was collected on June 28, 2023, according to TicketSource.